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Lisa Manziel

Lisa Manziel has more than 30+ years of experience working with many healthcare companies. She advises her healthcare clients on business law. For more details about Lisa Manziel visit here –

Manziel Law Offices

We welcome the privilege to discuss legal services with you and your organization.

Manziel Law Offices, PLLC represents hospitals, physician practice groups, hospices, rehabilitation facilities, and other medical providers in the area of maximizing healthcare commercial reimbursement from a multitude of payors and/or resources including managed and non-managed care payors, ERISA plans, workers’ compensation carriers and plans, estate and probate, organizations in bankruptcy, as well as others imposing difficulty and/or issues.

Over more than the past three decades, our primary focus has always related to maximizing healthcare claims reimbursement, while maintaining respect for client costs/expenses.

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